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Wind turbine and solar panels.

Weather and Energy Research Unit

Our Weather and Energy Research Unit has demonstrated Australia’s wind energy potential with pioneering research that has identified wind-farm sites and helps predict their average wind energy yield. This exciting work is being extended to a range of solar energy production technologies.

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  • 23 December 2011 | Updated 4 March 2012

Measurement Data

The following data are from our various monitoring sites around the world. For now, we are concentrating on Australian sites.

  • Wind Resource Sites
  • Solar Resource Sites
  • Grid Data

Modelled Data

  • C-CAM
  • WRF


A range of software has been developed at CSIRO for Weather and Energy Resource Management (WREM). Some of this will be made available to assist downloading and visualising the data. The WREMtk (WREM-Toolkit) provides a framework to enable rapid software development and assessment of data in the energy and meteorology interface.

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Fast facts

  • Our Weather and Energy Research Unit (WERU) has been instrumental in the location of wind farms in Australia through time series modelling of wind and energy forecasting
  • Skills in atmospheric modelling and downscaling will allow forecasting of solar energy production in local PV and concentrating facilities, as well as modelling associated with distributed systems
  • WERU has pioneered new research into forecasting, capturing and storing wind energy to help ensure consistent supply

Contact Information

Dr Simon Torok

Communication Manager

Phone: 61 3 9239 4645

Alt Phone: 61 4 0984 4302

Email: Simon.Torok@csiro.au

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